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Product Name Car Radio PCBA

PCBA Manufacturing Service

PCB files, PCB technical requirements, BOM, Assembly or soldering technical requirements, to be offered by customer.
One Stop PCBA service: Production of PCB from 1-28 Layer, Assembly components/material purchase, SMT production, PCBA Testing, PCBA aging, PCBA Packaging, PCBA Delivery.

PCBA Manufacturing Quality
1:CE-EMC, FCC, SGS, ROHS, ISO9001:2008, ISO14001:2004 Certified.
2:Dustproof and ESD protected production line for SMT and DIP.
3:ESD and dust proof working uniform implemented.
4:ESD check station.
5:Operators are strictly trained, and approved for suitable working station.
6:PCBA Production Equipments:FUJI High Speed Modular,YAMAHA High Speed Modular, FUJI Dispenser, Automatic Solder-Paste Printer, Reflow Oven,Wave Solder Machine,AI DIP Machine.
7:PCBA Testing Equipments:ORT Machine,Drop Test Machine,Temperature & Humidity Test Chamber,3D CMM, ROHS Inspection Machine,X-RAY Station.
8:PCBA Testing Capability:AOI(Automatic Optic Inspection)? ICT(In-Circuit Test), FCT(Functional Circuit Test).
9:Component Package including BGA,Min. 0201,Min. Pin Distance 0.4mm.
10:SOP in every Work Station
11:ROHS complied Solder Paste from SMIC,ROHS complied Solder Bar from SMIC.
12:PCB Materials: FR4, CEM-3, FPC, ALU

PCBA Manufacturing Delivery Duration
Delivery Duration will be 15 WD after OEM Contact is signed and the Engineering Documents are confirmed.
For Mass Production, based on the customer requirements, delivery can be done in several steps.

PCBA Manufacturing Additional Information
1:After the confirmation of Prototype, MP will be started.
2:DIP Components will be positioned once, minimum distance between components and PCB Board will be maintained.
3:Positioning Holes and Grounding holes will be protected by high temperature resistance tape.
4:EPE Antistatic packaging is used to prevent shock and other problems.


1. ROHS compliance

2. Production implemented under clean Fab and ESD protected Fab condition

3. Required SOP is implemented at every workstation

4. Single process of mold

5. AOI Test Control


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