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A new phase of technological innovation begins with YuCha Electronics Co. Ltd rolls out the ambitious PCB Online Quote application on its website. The all new technical interface is designed to offer prompt results and fast communication. Looking at the growing demand, this much needed technical platform will take customer service to a renewed height.

YuCha Electronics Co. Ltd commitment to fostering good relationships with its customers spread in various sectors across UK, USA, Europe and Canada. Through this new initiative, customers will find it easy to place orders and get quick quotes.

Here are some of the highlights of PCB Online Quote system:

•Place orders online by filling in the form with all required parameters

•There is an in-built calculator that provides approximate quote

•Upload PCB Prototype files within minutes

•Get answers to all queries and doubts

•It is fast, easy and simple to use

•Online tracking of orders and processes

•Has all technical specification to get exact product details

A visit to the company’s portal can give all the information relating to this online gateway made for customer’s easiness. There is an online form that needs to be filled in with all requirements. The PCB Online Quote system is designed with lot of consideration and research. Its special focus is on getting technical specification information at accurate level to meet client’s demand.

Following steps need to be followed while filling in the form:

1. Please note that all PCBs quote will be performed with E-Test.

2. Ensure least Line Space and Line Width is bigger than 0.1mm otherwise please use our online inquiry form to quote or contact our sales directly.

3. Please make sure the minimum hole diameter is bigger than 0.25mm otherwise please make use of our online inquiry form to quote or get in touch with the sales team directly.

4. Do not upload files with similar file name two times. There is always a provision to delete the previously uploaded files and load new set of files with fresh data

5. In order to process the uploaded PCB files are created using Protel, Powerpcb, Allegro, Orcad, P-CAD, Eagle, DesignSpark PCB Prototype, PCB Artist and Pad2Pad.

6. If there is special format followed by you for PCB Prototype files, then get in touch with sales team for further processing.

7. It is easier if Gerber files are uploaded as they are processed faster with prompt results.

Customer orientation program

In order to educate our target market and future prospects, the company has an orientation program designed to impart training in using the form. The sales team has made a special team that looks into client requests for understanding the PCB Online Quote system. A member from technical team also assists in training modules to show the working of the form.

The orientation module can be taught to single to large group of people who wish to apply online and get quotes within minutes. It’s a technical advocacy initiative wherein clients are helped to understand the finer nuances of the quote system and how it can help them in long run. This system is especially helpful for international clients who wish to place orders and get quick services.


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