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PCB is an acronym for printed circuit board and these boards are integrated with a lot of electronic instruments and wires. In today's modern world, technology is growing rapidly which is making human being's lives smooth and hassle free. New machines are coming up in the world and old machines are getting upgraded so produce better output within a small amount of time. This upgraded has been possible only due to increasing collaboration between machines and technology and the whole collaboration is dependent on PCB. This demand for PCB has led to the growth of a lot of sites like Yucha Electronics providing PCB quote online option.

People often look for instant PCB quote which is mostly available in websites of different companies and these sites also provide an option for delivering the PCB to your house. Some sites even provide the option of selecting all the parts according to your choice of brand and then they will assemble using your quote. Instant PCB assembly quote is the best possible move rather than opting for ready-made PCBs that are available in the market. It is best to assemble PCB according to your requirement because it is one device that holds and connects various electronic devices within a restricted area.

How Online Websites like Yucha Electronics Come Handy?

PCB mainly consists of non-conductive boards and upon which all kinds of electronics instruments are connected through wiring. Generally, people are habituated of getting their PCB assembled from local shops which gulp down a lot of time and travel expenses. Many local shops often quote hefty prices for PCBs and some owners even con their customers by providing PCB with cheap instruments. But nowadays, things have improved and various PCB manufacturers have opened websites for PCB order online where they allow users to get quotes depending upon their requirement and after ordering, it is delivered to the given address.

All the companies that offer online ordering of PCB often located in the different country but despite this fact, many PCB companies like Yucha Electronics is flourishing through this online business. If you are planning to opt for PCB assembly order online process, then first you should mention the type of electronic material you want to embed in your PCB. Then you will also have the option to indicate all the specifications for your customization in PCB. After you receive the quotation quickly from the website, you will then redirect to an online ordering page.

The payment gateway is different in the different websites but none of the websites doesn't ask for any kind of fee for PCB assembly quote online which is a great advantage for customers. However, it is a good idea to opt for reputed websites like of Yucha Electronics where you can stay assured that you will be getting high quality and genuine electronic device.

Final Verdict

Buying from online site like Yucha Electronics guarantees you that you will get the genuine product because we provide assurance of your PCBs. Apart from this fact, you can get access to the quote of PCB and buy it anytime and anywhere in the world with the option of free delivery.

PCB Layers:
PCB Material:
PCB Length:   mm(10 to 600)
PCB Width:   mm(10 to 600)
PCB Quantity: PCS
Set Configuration:
PCB Thickness in mm: 0.4 0.6 0.8 1.0 1.2 1.6 2.0
Copper Thickness: 0.5 oz 1 oz 2 oz
Screen Legend: White Black Red Yellow Blue
Soldermask Color: White Green Red Yellow Blue Black
Soldermask: Top Bottom Top & Bottom None
Surface: HASL(lead free) OSP Electrolytic Nickel Immersion Gold Electrolytic Gold
Logistic Company: DHL UPS
Production Time:
Note: 1.All PCBs will be performed with E-Test
2.Please make sure the minimum Line Space and Line Width is bigger than 0.1mm, otherwise please use our online inquiry form to quote, or contact our sales directly.
3.Please make sure the minimum hole diameter is bigger than 0.25mm, otherwise please use our online inquiry form to quote, or contact our sales directly.
4.Please do not upload files with same file name twice. And you are always able to delete previously uploaded files.
5.We are able to process PCB Files which is created by Protel, Powerpcb, Allegro, Orcad, P-CAD, Eagle, DesignSpark PCB, PCB Artist and Pad2Pad. If you have a special format of PCB Files, please contact our sales directly.
6.Gerber files are always be able to manufactured directly.
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